25 Hymns Our Kids Should Know

We don’t often think of hymns for children, the sometimes stoic melody and lyrics steeped in beautiful scripture often times get dismissed as being not “fun enough” for kids. But I’m here to tell you that hymns are great for kids and could be a wonderful way to build memories together as you share them in your home! I often mention singing together as a family because it’s one of my favorite memories of when our kids were all home. We sang with them from the time they were very little, all the way through their teen years.


We also played good Christian music when we were in the car when they were playing, or even at nap time. We taught them lots of worship songs for children. In addition to scripture songs and kids’ choruses, my children also learned hymns.

25 Hymns Our Kids Should Know by The Character Corner

Today I want to share a list of 25  hymns that I think our kids should know because they are foundational to our faith.

I was brought up in a home where hymns for kids played a big part. We sang them at church, my mom listened to them on Christian radio and often sang hymns throughout the day as she worked.

I learned to love hymns and the message of them. Today they still speak to my heart. I want to pass that on to my kids! Music does something for your spirit, and it can also bring comfort during times of hurt. Singing together is a great way to bond with your kids, and spend time together in a profitable, enjoyable way.

If you start when the kids are young, they will develop a love for music, and as they get older the music will minister to them. 

Teach your children these easy hymns to sing!

I have noticed that music continues to be important to my kids, even though they are older. It is comforting and encouraging to them. I’ve seen a couple of the kids, as teens,  take their Bible and a hymn book to a quiet place to worship and spend time with God. They use the hymns to worship and prepare their heart for what God has to say to them from His word.

We sing hymns about our salvation,  the power of God’s Word, what Christ suffered for us, and His greatness; we sing some hymns to bring comfort when we have heartaches.

Children’s Hymns are powerful. Teaching our kids great hymns of our faith should be part of their education, as these hymns reinforce the Biblical beliefs we teach them daily.

I have chosen 25 foundational hymns that I think our kids should learn. 

If that seems daunting, I also have a shorter list of 5 easy hymns to teach children to help you get started. But as you start choosing which hymns you want to start learning as a family, ask yourself questions like: 

What is the easiest hymn to sing? Sometimes starting with a familiar tune, shorter verses or simply a song that is in an easy range is a good place to start. 

Which is the most beautiful hymn? While this question is relative, certain hymns bring me great comfort when I hear or sing them. Which hymns are beautiful and special to you?

What is the most loved hymn? Think of the hymns you hold near and dear to your heart. Which ones have most sentimental meaning to you? These are great hymns to start with. 

These are my 25 favorite hymns for children:

1. When the Roll is Called Up Yonder

2. I Know Whom I Have Believed

3. Jesus Saves

4. It is Well With My Soul

5. Victory in Jesus

6. Great is Thy Faithfulness

7. The Solid Rock

8. Amazing Grace

9. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

10. Leaning On the Everlasting Arms

11. The Bible Stands

12. Blessed Assurance

13. The Old Rugged Cross

14. Standing On the Promises of God

15. How Great Thou Art

16. And Can it Be That I Should Gain?

17. To God Be the Glory

18. At Calvary

19. He Lives

20. Rock of Ages

21. Trust and Obey

22. Power In the Blood

23. A Mighty Fortress

24. Wonderful Grace of Jesus

25. My Savior’s Love

What are some of your favorite childrens hymns?

Learn about 10 great hymns of the faith in this study for all ages:  Great Hymns of The Faith. 

If you want to study hymns to grow in your personal faith, family worship time, or simply for music appreciation, this is the course for you!

Great Hymns of the Faith is perfect for all ages because such a variety of activities are included.

Here are the 10 kids hymns included in the course by Music in our Homeschool

  • Amazing Grace
  • Fairest Lord Jesus
  • It is Well With My Soul
  • A Mighty Fortress is our God
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • Holy Holy Holy
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus

computer and pamphlets 10 great hymns of the faith for 25 Hymns your kids should know

Be sure to check it out!

Girl Playing Guitar Learn 25 Hymns Our Kids Should Know on The Character Corner

Girl Playing Ukulele 25 Hymns Our Kids Should Know The Character Corner

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  1. Oh good – so glad you are enjoying the course!

  2. I also grew up in a home and church where hymns were sung regularly. We are loving your Great Hymns of the Faith course in our homeschool! Thank you for this resource!

  3. I like the hymn “Days of Elija”
    and I also like “I’ve Got Peace Like a River”.

  4. Hi Chris! I agree – singing Scripture is such a great and simple way to keep it in our minds, and to help our kids remember Biblical truths!

  5. Great additions to the list! 🙂

  6. Hi Marlene! Thanks for adding some more ideas. I don’t htink I’ve ever heard Hold Fast to the Right, but it sounds like it would be good! Same with Cling to the Bible!

  7. That’s one of my favorites!

  8. Hi Joy! Glad you liked the list. What a great idea to get these songs into the hearts & minds of your kids so they will be thinking of them throughout their school day! Great way to keep them grounded in truth!

  9. Thanks for the list! Since my children attend school I have been lead to disciple heavily through song—both hymns and verses—so that spiritual truths are easy to access and meditate on throughout the day. So far it has been a great fit for our family, and I remember how useful songs were to me as a school child, too. I will be using several from this list this year! ❤️

  10. Some of my favorite memories have been singing with family these beautiful hymns. My favorites are: For the Beauty of the Earth, Come Thou Fount, Be Thou My Vision, How Great Thou Art, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, A Mighty Fortress is Our God

  11. Hold Fast to the Right
    Cling to the Bible
    We’ll Work til Jesus Comes

    Great list! Thrre could be 50 or 100 right? Thanks. I am inspired to sing for Christ while I tend to my boys today.

  12. We are a Lutheran family so we sing several of these throughout the year. I’d also add Beautiful Savior and I Love to Tell The Story

  13. I don’t know all of these, some I love some I don’t care for. I do love some of the new hymns, Elevation has a great one called Resurrecting. Another favorite right now, which isn’t a hymn but speaks Scriptire is A Reason to Dance by All Nations Worship in Atlanta. There’s nothing like singing scripture!

  14. Great list! My favorite is missing: Little Brown Church in the Vale (or Church in the Wildwood)

  15. I love this! What a great testimony!

  16. I didn’t grow up Christian either. I started listening to hymns shortly after I converted, and after a few years, I came to know over a hundred by heart, including most of these—plus as many short Sunday School songs. I got started because I heard that the Beatles influenced the world toward wickedness, and thought, “If music with wicked lyrics can influence us to be bad, why can’t hymns influence us to be better Christians?” I went straight for the classic hymns, because they were written in a more Christian culture and have stood the test of time. They have been so helpful.

  17. Thank you for the list! …During Bible class this year I’ve been trying to teach my kiddos a hymn to go with each part we study …we have done 10000 angels (when studying the crucifiction) and then Up From the Grave He Arose when we studied the resurrection…now I am looking for hymn number 3 and found some helpful ideas on this list…
    My altimeter favorite hymn though is “Tell me the Story of Jesus”

  18. Some of mine and my children’s favorites currently:
    Lord of sea and sky
    What a friend we have in Jesus
    For the beauty of the Earth
    His eye is on the sparrow

  19. You left out an important one… what a friend we have in Jesus.

  20. I love the idea of singing hymns to call your babies! And to have your 4 year old asking for Holy Holy Holy is awesome!

  21. I always as sang hymns to my 2 girls to calm them when they were babies, and to this day my 4 year old asks to sing Holy Holy Holy multiple times a day!😊 there are some new ones on this list I want to learn with them!

  22. Thanks Gale! Many of them are my favorites too.

  23. HI Amy! Yes, there is something about those songs/hymns that we knew in our childhood! I’m glad you are sharing yours with your kids. These old songs and hymns hold great truths, and really do speak to the heart.

  24. I grew up Catholic, so have a slightly different pool of hymns to choose from. I like some of these and don’t recognize a few. Some of my favourites include the Servant Song, Here I am Lord, Be not Afraid, Make Me a Channel of Your Piece, The Our Father (sung), the Hail Mary (sung), Gather Us In…..OK I could go on quite a while! I have a Gather hynmnal and love Marty Haugen. I grew up in the US and now live in the UK. And as I was finding a church to attend I must admit one of thie things that I miss is the music of my youth. They just sing different things here. I have been introduced to lots of lovely songs like Jerusalem, We plough the fields and scatter, and all sorts. But in my tough times it is my childhood hymns which help me the most. I have been inspired lately to share more and more of them with the kids. Thanks for your post.

  25. Hi Rebekah! Wow, that is amazing that the hymns had such power over those demons! I know that hymns really do affect my spirit in a positive way though,so that makes sense! Those are great ones that you added to the list! (Can’t believe that I didn’t include Power in The Blood!)

  26. This is a wonderful list! I grew up singing hymns with my mother, and some of my favorite memories of my growing-up years are of singing hymns together as a family. Later, when I was volunteering at a missionary orphanage overseas and helping care for a demon-possessed girl, I witnessed firsthand the power of the hymns. The demon screamed when we sang hymns. Some of the ones he hated most you have on this list (Power in the Blood, A Mighty Fortress, Amazing Grace, and And Can It Be). There are three others I would add to this list: Jesus Loves Me, I Surrender All, and Have Thine Own Way. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and this list! You have blessed my heart today.

  27. Glad you like the list! You are doing well to know half of them with not growing up in a Christina home. 🙂

  28. Great list!!! I didn’t grow up Christian so I only know what I’ve learned as an adult. I know and love about 1/2 of these
    Hymns. Excited to check the other ones out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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