10 Questions to Ask At The End Of Your Homeschool Day

Whether you are starting a new homeschool year or dealing with homeschool burnout, it’s important to ask specific questions at the end of your homeschool day. Taking a minute to pause and analyze will make sure you are staying on track, and also setting yourself up for success when you start fresh tomorrow. 

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Without taking the time to monitor, how will you know if you are running your homeschool efficiently? And how do you know if you are staying on task with what your teaching and curriculum goals are? It’s important to make sure you regularly check yourself, your kids, and the benchmarks in your homeschool.

One of the most important things we can do is to set goals and priorities for our homeschool. It is equally important to have a way to measure how we are doing with those goals. These questions to ask at the end of your homeschool day will help you to see if you keeping your priorities in place and accomplishing the goals that you set out with.

10 questions to ask yourself at the end of your homeschool day

10 Questions to Ask At The End Of Your Homeschool Day

The first thing to do is summarize what your personal goals are as a homeschooling parent. Then you need to list what your homeschooling goals are. Based on those two lists, you can develop questions to help you determine if you are staying on track with those goals.

The lists will look different for all of us, but I will give you my lists as an example to help you get some ideas to get started.

What should a homeschool day look like? A summary of my goals would be: to spend time daily with God, seeking His wisdom and strength, so I  can accomplish what I feel He has called me to do.

I realized early on in my homeschooling how easy is it to fall into the trap of trying to figure things out on my own or getting so busy that I neglected that vital time seeking His wisdom. The busier I am, the more I need to take the time to seek His face! I know that without His strength and wisdom, I will fail.

Our homeschool goals are to:

  • Build our kids’ faith
  • Help them grow in character
  • Pursue their hearts, so we can influence them
  • Prepare them academically and practically for life

5 pillars of Biblical Parenting

The questions to ask at the end of your homeschool day to keep you focused:

  1. Did I prepare my heart today by spending time with God, and seeking His wisdom?
  2. Did I  point my kids to God today?
  3. Did I focus more on relationships than accomplishments?
  4. Did I take time to laugh & have fun with the kids, and nurture our relationship?
  5. Is there something I need to apologize for or make right with any of the kids?
  6. Did I spend time in activities or teaching that would build their faith?
  7. Did I do some intentional character training?
  8. What did I do to win or keep their hearts?
  9. Did I affirm more than I corrected?
  10. Did I teach and train with Scripture, rather than just scolding or correcting

How can I be a good homeschool parent?

Often I will look through these questions, and be reminded of a goal that is being neglected. I can let that discourage me, or let it encourage me to get back on track.

Asking myself these questions at the end of the homeschool day was a great way to keep me focused on what really matters, and was a helpful tool to keep me focused and on track.

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What do you do to help yourself stay on track?

questions to ask at the end of your homeschool day

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Noel! Hope your homeschool year is going well Glad you liked the list. )

  2. Thank you so much! We are new to homeschooling. This list will help keep me on track.

  3. Thanks Jennifer! I’m so glad that you found the post helpful, and that I’ve been an encouragement to you!

  4. Very helpful Kathie thank you!! I love that these center first and foremost on our relationships with the Lord and our children’s hearts…not outward behaviors or accomplishments. I’m encouraged by you!

  5. Great idea! Glad you found the list helpful. 🙂

  6. I am going to print these out and add them to my planner! It’s so easy to get caught up in accomplishing the tasks, that the important stuff gets forgotten! Thanks for the list!

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