Challenges of Teen Dating

Lack of Parental Involvement


Teen dating often lacks parental guidance and counsel, despite its importance as a life decision.

Selfish Goals


Teen dating can foster a self-centered focus on momentary pleasure, rather than building healthy, selfless relationships.

Unrealistic Character Assessment


Dating may not reveal a person's true character, as it often occurs in idealized settings, missing the complexities of real-life situations.

Distraction from Faith


Teens heavily involved in dating may become distracted from their faith and spiritual growth.

Impact on Future Marriage


Dating experiences can lead to future dissatisfaction and relational issues in marriages.

Lack of Purpose


Traditional dating often lacks clear boundaries and purposes, leading to emotional and physical entanglements.

Emotional Hurt


Broken relationships in teen dating can result in significant emotional pain and distress.

Heart Attachment to the Wrong Person


Teenagers may give their hearts to someone who is not good for them or who they won't marry, causing emotional scars.

Loss of Physical Purity


Teen dating environments can promote physical impurity, challenging the pursuit of purity and chastity.