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text on image reads: Praying scripture for your husband

Praying Scripture for Your Husband Prayer Journal

There is no better gift you can give to your husband, than the gift of faithfully bringing him before the Lord daily in prayer, claiming the power of God’s Word in his life.  This 30 day prayer journal will help you to get specific, as you journal your own personal thoughts and prayers for your husband, as God impresses them on your heart through reading the Scriptures given.

  • 66-page downloadable journal
  • 30 days of prompted Bible study and reflection
  • Each day has a prayer, scripture and room to journal

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Image shows the devotional prayer journal for kids by the character corner

Devotional Prayer Journal For Kids: Praying Biblical Virtues

Help your kids develop the habit of daily reading and praying God’s Word, with this 30-day devotional journal focused on Biblical virtues. Each lesson takes them through a brief Bible study of a specific character trait, and includes practical application to their lives, along with a Scripture based prayer about growing in that virtue. Combine God’s Word and prayer for a powerful combination, and be prepared to see your kids grow to become more like Christ.

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praying Biblical blessings for your children

50% off Praying Biblical Blessings For Your Children – Workshop Special

As parents we not only have the right, but also the privilege, to pray for and bless our children. By speaking prayers of blessing over them, we are claiming God’s favor in their lives, as well as claiming the promises of His Word for them.  Combine powerful words with Scriptural promises to bless your children.

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50% off April Membership Special – Praying Through Proverbs for Your Children

The greatest gift you can give to your kids is the gift of a praying parent.  The power of God penetrates
our children’s lives when we pray for them.  But how many times have you struggled to know how or
what to pray for your kids?  It’s easy to either neglect praying for them regularly or to get stuck in a rut as we pray for them. Praying Through Proverbs for your children is a simple and powerful solution!

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