I have been speaking at home school events, mother-daughter banquets, mom’s groups, and ladies retreats for over 20 years. I love to share encouragement as well as many practical tips in my sessions.

What I share comes from what the Lord has taught me over the past 35 years of raising our eight kids, and 31 years of homeschooling. (Not to mention, all the things I have learned from my mistakes over those years!)

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I heard you speak for the first time at a home school conference this year. I was so encouraged by your honesty and wisdom. Thank you for just radiating joy. I could see when you spoke that you are passionate about helping other mothers see God’s purpose in it all. I truly appreciate your ministry, Kathie.


Kathie Morrissey of The Character Corner is a homeschooling mother of eight. Kathie and her husband, Alan, have been homeschooling for 31 years. (Insert applause!)   The Morrisseys have reared their children with the understanding that to know and love God is of the utmost importance in life. Their never-failing consistency in instilling Godly character in their children has shown its fruits because they now have eight grown children who love the Lord and are productive members of society, serving the Lord wherever they are.

How do I know? I’m the cousin of this terrific family and I can definitely attest to their commitment to teach Godly character to their children, as well as to teach them to walk in purity. My pastor/husband recently hired one of Kathie’s children as the Youth Pastor at our church and our youth are reaping the benefits of Alan and Kathie’s steadfast training in the hearts of their children.

~IAHE Region 9 Representative, Shawn King

Kathie spoke at our conference a few years ago. She presented four seminars, had sellout crowds for each one, and received excellent feedback on them from attendees.

As a veteran home school mom and a strong Christian, Kathie brings a wealth of experience into her talks, providing moms with the encouragement and knowledge they need to revitalize their homeschooling. In addition, Kathie’s goal of encouraging parents in raising Godly children with strong Christian character stands out strongly in each of her talks. In addition, as an exhibitor, she is always available to attendees, readily interacting with and helping numerous attendees at her exhibitor booth. Finally, Kathie is extremely pleasant to work with and will add depth and strength to your seminar choices.

~Margaret Porch, Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo

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