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Tots and Me:

These short lessons are perfect for younger children to process the information. I love that we focus on one quality for the entire week as the repetition is also great for retention. The object lessons and games are perfect for the age group the book is geared toward. They are having fun getting up and building forts, tossing bean bags, role playing. In addition to getting up and moving there is time to sit and talk, choosing what would be the correct thing to do.  This is a wonderful, affordable curriculum for teaching children Biblical character traits and I would highly recommend it.  Read more….

Elizabeth O: 

One of the elements I love about this program is that it includes both consistency and variety. Over the course of a week, you will teach your child a concise definition for the character trait, a short memory verse, 3 “I Will” statements that help your child apply the character quality to his or her life, and daily prayers of application. You will also find creative ideas for games, object lessons, and role plays that will help your children practice the character quality in a fun way!  I love the multi-sensory approach, as it helps your child retain what is being taught. 


As parents, it is our responsibility to arm our children with a firm faith foundation rooted in the Word of God so they are able to maneuver through this world with a heart focused on being Christ-like in all they do and say. We want the reassurance that their hearts are trained to think as Jesus, speak as Jesus and act as Jesus. The character lessons in  Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue will help you do just that. This curriculum will not disappoint



Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue is a collection of bite-sized lessons that teach big concepts, perfect for preschool and early elementary aged children


We worked on the Bible memory verses together, repeating them each day. We posted our “I Will” statements on the fridge where we could see them everyday. It was also a good reminder to me to bring up the character traits as I saw them in action in our daily life. Having them repeat the definition of the trait also helped them to understand and keep the information fresh in their minds.  Read more….


I used Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue with my two littlest lads Eli & Jud. My boys are at the top end of the age this is recommended for (they are eight). I found it a wonderful tool to teach them character trait definitions which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I found the lessons were very easy to teach with minimal preparation. Eli & Jud did find the copywork book very easy. On the first day I didn’t explain to complete just one sentence so they filled in two pages before I realized what was happening. I only wish I had this curriculum and copywork book a few years ago so I could complete it with all four of my children.  Read  more….
Stephanie R:
Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue teaches 24 different Godly virtues that you want to instill in your child. Things like forgiveness, kindness, love, and gratitude are just a few. Taking one virtue a week your child will learn a scripture, the definition of the virtue and 3 I will statements. Each day includes a prayer also. Each lesson has it’s own character badge that your child can earn. Such an awesome addition to our Homeschooling days. 
So far, we love this curriculum. I say “we”, but really it’s me. I am so impressed with how truly easy this curriculum is to use and the little preparation it actually has. Ain’t nobody got time for hours of prep work every single night. This curriculum makes it so simple and easy to use. And the best part – it’s not just for homeschoolers!! Since this program is designed for just 5-10 minutes a day, it is a PERFECT family dinner activity/devotion!! Read more….
 A Learning Journey:
Funny story . . . one day while completing household duties I caught her reciting (singing) the definition, Bible verse, and “I Will” statements in the shower. I was surprised yet thrilled to find out that the curriculum did indeed inspire her to remember what she was learning and hide God’s Word in her heart. She was definitely motivated by the ribbon badges too! She felt successful when she accomplished her memorization goals. I really appreciate that the author focused on the character trait opposites while introducing the definition. This helps children understand the meaning of the trait better. Read more….
The Crafty Home:
Teaching my children Godly character has been something I’ve been trying to do but needing some help in. As a mom of four with most of them being little ones (5, 3, and 2) I need something that requires little prep from momma. Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue is that product. It is a great ebook full of ideas on how to teach your children Godly character. 
Training Happy Hearts:training-happy-hearts-LLV-231x300
Obviously, my children and I are enjoying the lessons in Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue, and, I dare say, anyone with young children might do the same — homeschoolers or not. Truly, I think the curriculum is worth looking into for any home, church program or school.The lessons are brief enough that they can easily be slipped into daily life or, perhaps, even woven into club or classroom lesson activities.  They include a wide variety of multi-sensory activities and require little to no preparation and only materials you might find around your home or classroom.
Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue can be used in a homeschool, preschool, daycare, Sunday School, or other group setting. The lessons can be used individually, but many of the games work well with a group of students. Kathie Morrissey has created an easy-to-use resource that enables families to teach character concepts to their children with ease.  Read more….

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