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***Homeschool Your Boys

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom is an excellent tool for teaching character building to elementary aged children!

Each week of this curriculum has a memory verse which emphasizes a specific character trait such as self control, obedience, faithfulness, and dependability.

Specific key points are included for each week, giving the kids solid ways to apply what they’re learning for the week. These are wise words to remember such as “A foolish person has no control over his mouth” or “Foolishness brings sadness to parents.”

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom includes detailed lesson plans making teacher preparation quick and painless.

***The Chicken Wire

Did my kids like it?
My kids are loving it so far. I let my oldest daughter choose the order we do her school subjects and she always starts with her favorite first and she has been picking Bible time since we started using this curriculum.
The lessons are brief enough and the activities hold their interest so that even the 3 yr old does well when sitting in on it. And I like that the things they are learning are coming up in conversation during the day. The day we played the wisdom game(Children draw cards that state something they have done and decide if that was something that reflects wisdom or not. If so they take a step towards the wisdom sign.) my middle daughter was able to comment on something she was doing as something that was wise. It’s great to see them applying what they have learned.

***Joy In My Kitchen

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom is truly a “grab-and-go” curriculum. As long as you have the week’s pages printed out ahead of time, there is no preparation required. That makes it a winner for me!

The lessons are short! That makes them a winner for the kids! The “keys” are easy to remember. I’ve enhanced these by devising motions for the kids to perform when they say each one. Here’s an example:

The “keys” are easy to remember. I’ve enhanced these by devising motions for the kids to perform when they say each one. Here’s an example:

***What Joy is Mine

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom is the next curriculum study to follow Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue. It’s a 20 week – 20 topic study for young children covering the importance of being a biblically wise person. Some of the topics covered are consequences of a foolish person, choosing friends wisely, receiving counsel and instruction, avoiding evil and trusting God to name a few. Each lesson is designed to be taught in 5-10 minutes a day making this an easy way to begin your homeschool day.

***Women With Intention

Being a very busy on-the-go mom there are several things that I really enjoy about this curriculum.

  1. It’s organized for me. There are very few things I need to do to prepare and I’m ready to go.
  2. The lessons are short and planned out which makes them easy to complete in a busy day usually taking 5-10 minutes!
  3. Even though the lessons are built for 1st through 6th grade use, I’m also able to include my younger 2 children in on our learning experience and we’ve had some really good family discussions.

***Tales of a Homeschool Family

Lads & Ladies of Wisdom is a highly adaptable character study geared towards 1st-6th graders. This inclusive study defines wisdom and the consequences of being foolish in 20 weeks of well laid out lessons requiring minimal prep work.

On the first day, the memory verse is given and a bible passage is read aloud. Then a short time of discussion and a fun treasure hunt activity that happened to fall perfectly in line with an egg hunt. Day 1 ends in prayer.

 On the second day,  another scripture passage is read aloud followed by a short discussion time. The memory verse is practiced as is the first key. The activity is an exercise in discerning actions that are wise versus those that are not

***Eternity Is Forever

What I love about this curriculum is the simplicity of it. I am not a very organised person by nature, so I found the simplicity of this curriculum great. The lessons are well planned out and easy to follow. It is all laid out in detail so there is really nothing left to do but teach the lesson. There are also activity pages for the children to do in order to help cement the lessons.

***Crayon Marks & Tiger Stripes

Allow me to introduce you to a new curriculum that we are just in love with! Based on Proverbs, it is designed to teach your children the importance of wisdom. I have had the privilege of reviewing this curriculum and it is fantastic!

Why do I love it?

  • There is minimal prep time! We are all busy moms so you gotta love that!
  • It is a great biblical based curriculum.
  • The lessons are short enough that they keep my kid’s attention and fit nicely into the rest of our curriculum.


I really love this curriculum. Sure, children need to learn their abc’s, their numbers, colors and shapes, but it is just as important to teach our children Godly character!


I am a major fan of the content in Lads and Ladies of Wisdom. It is thought out, Biblical, and relatable to the child.

My most favorite part of the activity book is the foolish person/wise person reference chart. The chart (and the skills assumed) promotes independent reading, Scripture reference/look up, Bible study, life application/reflection, writing, and discussion. It’s very simple but it is a powerful learning tool in character training (especially for boys). Simple, clear, quick, and impactful, just the way I like it.


I love the  activities that  help reinforce the day’s lesson. These activities come in the form of object lessons, activity cards, activity pages, and games. The children had fun the first week when they had to go on a treasure hunt. Daddy helped by making up some fun clues to lead them toward the treasure.

They have also followed directions to make a shape person and have drawn pictures of Miss or Mr. Arrogant.

Sometimes the activity uses cards that I print and cut out for us to act upon.

This past week, we learned that “A Wise Person Chooses Wise Companions.” On each of the cards, there was written a scenario. We each took turns drawing a card and flipping a coin. If it landed on heads we were to respond to the scenario wisely, if it was tails, we were to act foolish.

All in all, this is a wonderful character building curriculum for young children.


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