Intentional Living – Life Management For Busy Moms


Have you ever wished you could focus better on the things that really matter from day to day?  You can, and the secret is found in living intentionally!

By taking little intentional steps, you will begin to strengthen your relationship with God and your family members, improve your prayer life, and manage your home and time more efficiently.

In this course, I will come alongside you and provide powerful encouragement, teaching, and action steps to equip and inspire you to live an intentional life as a busy mom.



In this  course I will guide you step by step in taking little steps in key areas:

  • Your Heart — your relationship with God
  • Your Health — steps to better caring for yourself, and the body God has given you
  • Your Home:  2 sections — one on relationships, and one on managing your housekeeping
  • Your Time–managing your time in order to better achieve your priorities and goals
  • Your Prayer Life–you can’t succeed in any of the other areas without the power of prayer!Intentional LIving LIfe Management for Busy Moms Course by the Character Corner

The approach is slow and steady, with small baby steps that will help you intentionally develop habits to manage your life well.  

Whether you are totally overwhelmed and struggling, or just needing a little bit of encouragement to focus more on being intentional in these key areas, you will find help and encouragement here to take steps that will change your life, and get you back on track.

Included in the course:


  • Heart – developing a relationship with God and His Word
  • Health – steps to better self-care
  • Family – building strong relationships
  • Home – management/housekeeping
  • Time – managing time to better achieve priorities and goals
  • Prayer life – maintaining it all with the power of intentional prayer

Each module contains:

  • Two or more videos
  • Charts to guide you, and help you track your progress
  • A workbook (with the video content for those who prefer reading to watching) that will guide you through each step
  • Action Steps  to intentionally develop habits in each of the areas

(includes lifetime access to all videos and workbooks) 

Intentional LIving online course for busy Moms

Intentional living online course for busy moms