Gratitude Challenge Journal


Develop a heart of gratitude while going through this  28 day gratitude challenge, using this beautiful prayer journal.  It will guide you in writing Scriptures that tell you to give thanks, as well as Scriptures of commitment to give thanks.  Specific prayers are given thanking God for Who He is, and what He has done.  Copy and pray the prayers given, or use the journal pages to write your own personal prayers of gratitude to God.

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Why not take a few minutes daily to give thanks to the One Who gave you everything?  Gratitude will change your outlook and your attitude, and draw you into a closer relationship with the Lord.

Gratitude Challenge

This journal will give you Scriptures and prayers to guide you, as you seek to develop a heart of thanksgiving. As an added bonus, the appendix has a set of 12 beautiful prayer cards to print and post in visible places, reminding you to pray throughout the day.

◊◊ Instant Download Digital Copy ◊◊

Please Note: This is not a physical item