Dealing with a Difficult Child


Do you struggle with a child who is difficult or challenging? A child that often causes you exasperation? One who takes more time and energy than all your other children put together? This is the child who is different from your other children, and what works for the others doesn’t work for him. There IS hope and help!!

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by Kathie Morrissey

How do you respond to the difficult child? How do you respond to the resentment or anger he stirs up in you?

There IS hope and help!!

Get the answers to your questions in this ebook, as Kathie talks about 12 different ways to respond to that difficult child, and handle the challenges that he brings with a loving, kind spirit. You will be encouraged and helped by the practical points she shares from her own personal experience in dealing with two of her children. She shares honestly in talking about the guilt she struggled with and the realization that God wanted her to depend on HIM. Start fresh today!

◊◊ Instant Download Digital Copy ◊◊

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