Creating My Homeschool Mission Statement


To set goals with confidence as you prepare for a school year, you need a mission statement for your homeschool.  A mission statement will help you focus on what is most important, and help you not only set realistic goals, but also a plan for how to accomplish those goals. This pack will guide you through questions to help you develop your own mission statement that reflects your goals and priorities.

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In order to determine if you are accomplishing God’s goals for your homeschool, you must first identify them. Rather than randomly choosing curriculum, and planning activities for your homeschool, it would be better to define your goals and then create a plan to accomplish those goals.

That plan (your mission statement) will guide you through the many options of curriculum choices, and help you to be able to quickly determine if  the curriculum fits the goals for your family.  Basically it will remind you of the WHY of your homeschool, and what you want the results to be.

A homeschool mission statement is important because that WHY is the foundation that you build your homeschool on. It will help you to stay on track and focus on your priorities. When you are discouraged, it will remind you of the purpose behind it.

As Christian parents, you must have a clearly defined vision for your homeschool. Your mission statement is an expression of that vision. Get started now with this pack.

◊◊ Instant Download Digital Copy ◊◊

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