Character Traits Copywork Volume 2- Handwriting Practice For Homeschool


Introduce your kids to 30 character qualities, while they practice their penmanship.

This is the 2nd volume of Character Trait Copywork, and is the same format as the first one. This volume contains 30 new character traits and 6 weeks of copywork. Each lesson will only take a few minutes, giving your kids daily writing practice while also helping them learn about a new character trait each day.

Available in manuscript print, or cursive.

See sample pages, and the Table of Contents below in the description.

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The Character Traits Copywork volume 2 is a chapter-based handwriting practice for homeschool that helps kids learn the positive traits of a godly person. Each trait is introduced with a description depicting how it might look in the real world. Then your child improves their penmanship with lines for handwriting practice. Writing the traits gives them handwriting practice while imprinting the Character Traits into their young minds. 

Handwriting Practice For Homeschool

Image shows sample pages from the print version of Character Traits Copywork Volume 2

Image shows the table of contents for the Character Traits Copywork Book - Handwriting Practice for Homeschool

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Do you need a handwriting curriculum?

You can practice handwriting across all subjects, which is why we love incorporating Character training with penmanship! While your child writes, they learn valuable traits of Godly character as they write the definitions in this copywork book. 

This copywork book for your homeschool is volume 2 in the Character Training Curriculum. So if you want even more practice for your homeschoolers, grab volume 1 here.

How do you teach homeschool handwriting?

The best way to teach handwriting is to make it fun and engaging. Encourage your kids to be creative with their letters and words, and focus on the connections made when you write. This will help them remember the fundamentals of their letters and words when they need them in the future.

Handwriting Practice for Homeschool

What are the benefits of teaching handwriting?

The benefits of teaching handwriting are immense. When children learn to write, they are improving their motor skills. They are better at concentrating on one task at a time. And they are developing an understanding of how language works that is necessary for writing, reading, and comprehension.

Handwriting is more than just a skill that will help them in school; it also teaches them patience and how to concentrate on one task at a time. Plus, it helps develop the understanding of language which is necessary for reading comprehension, writing, and speaking skills.

We should not think of what we teach children as limiting what they can do with technology in the future. Instead we should see handwriting as an important foundational skill that will allow them to excel in this digital world where typing has become the norm and even keyboards


Image shows two spiral bound books called "Character traits copywork" Reads "A simple and quick way to add a little scripture and character training to your school day"