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Choose either Volume 1 or 2, in either print or cursive TODAY for only $4.99 a piece!

Make Lasting Change in character training

When you include this Character Traits copywork book in your homeschool curriculum, you are introducing important Character Building ideas to your child while they practice their handwriting.

Available in both Cursive or print forms, your child can work at the level they are currently in.

Character Traits Copywork is your child’s opportunity to explore and drill basic handwriting skills while they explore Character Traits. These traits are those that we all should be striving to develop and practice more than others. They include qualities such as patience, kindness, honesty, generosity, and many more.

Homeschool Handwriting Practice with Character Traits

A Bible verse that relates to the character quality is also included in each lesson. This ebook provides a simple and quick way to add a little Scripture and character training to your school day.

Available in manuscript print, or cursive.


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