Mom, I understand....

Frazzled Mom sitting on the bed with her kids jumping around her

You want to get back to the joy, simplicity, and connection in parenting, God intended.

Because you’ve tried juggling all of the things…

Teaching and training them in God’s Word, building Godly character, maybe even homeschooling on top of it..all while dealing with discipline issues, sibling squabbles, the difficult child, AND being intentional in winning and keeping their hearts!

Not to mention you are trying to take care of yourself and grow in your own walk with the Lord to make sure you are pouring from a full cup…

But instead, you’re starting to feel more and more tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

Like maybe the way things are right now, maybe that’s your new permanent reality.  

I know that feeling well.

After 8 kids and homeschooling for 31 years, I am very familiar with what felt like to need to  “constantly discipline”, and deal with non-stop distractions, ongoing frustrations, and obstacles at every turn.

I felt like I didn’t have time to be consistent or purposeful in my parenting. Like I just couldn’t get through to my kids on any of the areas, and that I wasn’t doing enough for my children.

I definitely wasn’t pouring from a full cup either. 

And if I’m being honest, I REALLY needed that to change in order to keep pressing on each day toward the goals God had given me in faith, parenting, and homeschooling.

I needed to get back to the joy, simplicity, and connection in parenting that God intended.

I had to quit overwhelm and I needed to simplify my life – in all areas.

So I decided that I was going to give it another try...

But I needed a plan. 

So that’s when I came up with my custom parenting plan. 

My unique priorities. God’s way.

I knew that the day-to-day demands and trying to make it all “fit” wasn’t working.

And I knew that the best way to be a better Mom is to simplify.

So I worked on the right steps for me as a mom and the right steps for my parenting. 

One step at a time.

And finally, I began to see the fruit!

I began building relationships with my kids, discipling them, and training them in Godly Character ….right alongside growing in my own relationship with Jesus and kicking the overwhelm out of my day!

I’m here to tell you Mom, there’s an easier way.

It can happen for you too!

Parenting purposefully Logo

What if in 6 months from today…

  • You were living joyfully, with confidence in God’s purpose for you and for your children.
  • You knew where to find answers to the things you struggle with, or areas where you may feel like you are failing as a mom. 
  • You were receiving regular practical encouragement, along with small steps and actions to continually be more purposeful in your parenting.
  • You were finally able to teach and train your kids in His Word and character, and you knew how to have meaningful conversations to win and keep their hearts!
  • You were a part of a community of like-minded moms intentional in practicing Biblical parenting.
  • You had a veteran homeschool mom to mentor you!

Introducing…. The Parenting Purposefully Membership

Let’s take a look inside at what you will get when you join the Parenting Purposefully Membership for Moms! 

Like my speaking sessions and ebooks, the teachings will be practical and applicable, not leaving you wondering “How do I apply that?” or “How do I do that in my home?” We will dig into the hard stuff together! Throughout the months of the membership, we will include topics such as:

  • Rebellion
  • Parenting Mistakes
  • The Difficult Child
  • Obedience
  • Character Training
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Prayer
  • Anger
  • Parenting and Homeschool Encouragement

Rather than going through a course that has lots of information that can lead to little action due to the overwhelm from so many ideas, you will get consistent teaching and steps to take on an ongoing basis. And I know you like getting to know God’s Word better, but don’t like for it to take up too much time because you are already so busy. I will walk with you each week providing help to keep both Mom and Parenting on a parallel track so you can pour out of a full cup!

This membership is designed to provide small action steps that will keep you moving towards your parenting goals, without being so time-intensive that it’s hard to actually apply. You will receive a weekly, actionable, bite-sized plan with small consistent steps that will provide BIG results! It will keep you moving forward month after month, with one small step after another, and help you simplify instead of adding more to your already full plate!

Each week you will receive a short (around 10-15 mins) video to help you navigate your parenting plan on a focus topic. You will also receive a transcript of the video to read instead if you choose!

In addition, each month you will receive a topical Scripture writing plan to help you stay in, grow in and memorize God’s Word. It is a simple and powerful tool in your Mom toolkit!

Moms need this to stay consistent with purposeful Biblical parenting because it is so easy to get off track and lose sight of the goal. Having a mentor to guide you, as well as knowing other moms are going through the same things is key. And learning and growing together will be a great motivation and encouragement to you! Also, you will have access to me for getting help and answers for the areas you struggle with. Each month you will have the opportunity to submit questions to me about the topic, and I will do a video with the questions and answers.

Each month members will receive an exclusive 50% OFF discount on a Character Corner focus product! This even includes courses!!

This means what you’re getting is …










Not only are you getting all that is inside the parenting purposefully membership,  but if you join as a founding member you’ll also get…

My foundational Character Masterclass as a BONUS (for founding members only!) 

Valued at $47, it’s yours FREE when you join!

I know you’re tired of trying to figure out how to teach Godly character on your own. 

And in this one-hour masterclass, we are going to end that once and for all! I’ll be sharing the framework that thousands of moms have used to begin teaching Godly Character in their kids.

You will discover how children learn character and how you can come up with a simple plan to teach character… plus you get some pretty fun tools in the process!

  • Video of my popular Training Character Into Your Children talk
  • Character posters
  • PDF Handout
  • Character Reward Charts
  • 1 week of free character lessons

And even if you have already started character training, I just know you will find some gold nuggets and encouragement in this video!



Get Back to the Joy, Simplicity, and Connection in Parenting God Intended

What people are saying...


This is truly a Godsend. I’ve been ignoring things and in a constant state of depression for far too long. I finally cried out to God and begged for help. I finally admitted I couldn’t do it without Him. And you came along. His timing is always perfect. Little steps, small victories! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this. You’re helping so many ladies get it together. Praising God for bringing you into my path. 


As parents, it is our responsibility to arm our children with a firm faith foundation rooted in the Word of God so they are able to maneuver through this world with a heart focused on being Christ-like in all they do and say. We want the reassurance that their hearts are trained to think as Jesus, speak as Jesus and act as Jesus. This will help you do just that! Kathie will not disappoint!

Imagine a world where...

You are learning how to be consistent and intentional in your parenting …  in a judgment-free zone. One where you feel understood and supported because you have a veteran mom mentor by your side who wants to help you simplify your life and find joy in parenting.

How much does it cost?


$ 19
  • Help With Hard Parenting Topics
  • An Actionable Bite-Sized Plan For Growing In Your Faith And Your Parenting
  • A Short Weekly Video Plus Transcript To Walk You Through Practical Application In These Areas
  • A Monthly Mentorship Q&A Where You Can Ask Me Anything
  • Monthly Scripture Writing Plans
  • Feedback To Help Shape The Membership
  • Members Only Exclusive 50% Discount on Character Corner products


$ 190
per year
  • Help With Hard Parenting Topics
  • An Actionable Bite-Sized Plan For Growing In Your Faith And Your Parenting
  • A Short Weekly Video Plus Transcript To Walk You Through Practical Application In These Areas
  • A Monthly Mentorship Q&A Where You Can Ask Me Anything
  • Monthly Scripture Writing Plans
  • Feedback To Help Shape The Membership
  • Members Only Exclusive 50% Discount on Character Corner products
Best Deal
Thank you so much for this! It is certainly a blessing! I am drawing closer to the Lord as I am seeking Him daily. I appreciate your challenges and encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you consistently. I am praying that the Lord speaks to me in ways I have never heard before!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Parenting Purposefully Membership is completely off of Social Media. We use a membership platform, designed to cut overwhelm, where you will log in to access your content. We will also occasionally use email to communicate. 


As for the content, we understand each of us learn differently and are in different seasons. Because of that, we include video and transcript formats of our recordings! There are also PDF handouts, worksheets, etc. included in the membership site


We have set up this membership for the busy, overwhelmed mom. We purposefully keep the video/audio short to approx 10-15 minutes per week. And the worksheet won’t take much longer than that as well. The length of the Mentorship calls will vary depending on how many questions, but it is a recording so you can watch/listen to the audio when you are able. The most time will be spent on implementation of your plan steps, but again everything is bite sized around the 15 minute mark to make sure that any mom who wants to can benefit from this membership!

For the monthly membership, you can cancel any time for an upcoming month, but due to the nature of the digital content there are no refunds if you cancel mid month. Since the yearly membership is discounted and due to the nature of the digital content, the yearly membership can not be refunded.

Although Kathie is a 31 year homeschool veteran, you DO NOT have to be homeschooling in order to join the Parenting Purposefully Membership! The topics are faith and parenting based. Some content may be offered with an additional homeschool perspective, but it is not the focus of this membership.

Are you ready to take the overwhelm out of your parenting for good?

Imagine in the next 30 days being able to look back and know you are consistently taking steps to parent purposefully AND grow in your faith! 

Are you ready to do this?


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