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This full Intentional Living Course was designed to guide you step by step in taking little steps in key areas:

The approach is slow and steady, with small baby steps that will help you intentionally develop habits to manage your life well.

And I want you to get started today!

Here is a sneak peek of Module 2:3 that includes help on a very important topic –  your health!

In the other sections of this module, we talked about our health in detail. We also learned the importance of taking care of yourself as a mom so that you can give to your family from a place of overflow in your life.

In this FREE Download, for the New Year, New Beginning conference attendees I offer some additional practical steps to help you address sleep issues, stress, adrenal fatigue and overwhelm.

I have also included a health tracker printable for you to take note of these important areas of self-care to help make them a priority in your life.

Now is your chance to move from overwhelmed and stressed, to intentionally living out the God-given priorities God has given you, and living a more peaceful life.

And, whether you are totally overwhelmed and struggling, or just needing a little bit of encouragement to focus more on being intentional in these key areas, you will find help and encouragement here to take steps that will change your life, and get you back on track now! Download your free course sample chapter  below!

2. Learn How to Establish an Effective Chore Routine!

Learn How to Establish an Effective Chore Routine

When you establish an effective chore routine you will find it is much easier to keep on top of the housework. You will find that by creating a system for household cleaning, you’ll always know what needs to be done.

It will take the guesswork out of things, and give you a solid plan to get the jobs done regularly. Before getting started on your chore routine, you might want to read the post on 5 things that characterize a good homemaker.

It’s MUCH easier to keep your house clean and organized if you declutter things! If you have too much stuff, why not join our 30 Day Declutter Challenge?!

If you are ready to learn how to establish an effective chore routine, then download your step by step instructions and a printable chart to help you get started today!

3. Get into the Word with this Mom’s Devotional Study Kit! ($7.97 value)

Mom's Devotional Study Kit Bible Study Picture of what is included

This devotional study kit for moms will help you grow in your walk with God. 

This kit is applicable to all areas of your spiritual life. Build confidence in your relationship with the Lord as you become consistent in your quiet time.

Included in the kit are these 4 parts:

Print the pages as you need them. This kit grows with you! 

Are you ready to start growing in your walk with God? 


And this is just scratching the surface! We have a LOT more tools to help you parent purposefully in our shop!

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