Learn & Grow Preschool Curriculum – Review

Are you looking for a FUN, easy to use preschool curriculum? If so, I found one that you AND your kids will love!


Learn and Grow Preschool Curriculum is full of hands on learning activities for your active 2 to 4 year old preschoolers.

learn and GrowThe curriculum has 26 weeks of lessons (130 days), with each week focusing on a letter of the alphabet. There are many activities each week, and the best part is that they cover different subjects/skills for your preschooler.

For example: English, Pre-Math, Art, Gross Motor Skills, Science, Geograpy/History are covered. In addition, the Literature section gives a suggested list of library books each day that relate to the lesson and theme. (You can never read too many books to your kids!)

Speaking of themes, each week has a  special fun theme. Some of the special themes are:


* Indians and Pilgrims

* Kites and wind

*Oceans and whales

* Popcorn and pizza

* X-Rays and our amazing bodies

What child wouldn’t enjoy those themes?!

Included are 700  hands-on activities and projects will keep you kids moving, while engaging their senses. The variety of actitivies guarantees that your kids won’t get bored with doing the same things every day. Keeping them moving, and involving their senses in the various activities is so much more fun for them than boring workbooks.  It is also a GREAT way to  develop a love for learning while your kids are young.

The curriculum is set up to teach one letter of the alphabet each week, and during that week the kids do different things with the letter of the week.   My grandkids, Michael (2) and Beth (4), have done some of the activities, and LOVED them.

The picture below is from the first week of lessons which focuses on the letter A, which has different projects/activities with apples. For this activity they paint their hand brown, then press their hand onto construction paper with their fingers outstretched, to make a tree trunk. After washing their hands, they can use the other colors of paint to create their own apple tree.  Michael and Beth had never used paints before, and as you can see by the picture, they got a little excited and kind of did their own thing rather than making a tree.

Beth & Michael painting

Gluing macaroni onto a big  M that was cut out of card stock, was one of the activities for the week that they were learning that letter.   Notice their focus as they work. I guess they were taking it very seriously! 🙂

Beth & Michael school

Here are some of my favorite features of the curriculum:

*It requires little to no prep (ALWAYS a winning point for me!).

*It includes easy to follow lessons.

* There is a daily list of materials needed.

*The curriculum encourages a love of learning and books.

*Each week  includes a suggested list of books for reading aloud, that relate to the theme for that week.

If you have preschoolers and want to get them started on a little bit of early learning, but in an informal fun way, I’d highly recommend the Learn & Grow Preschool Curriculum!

To see a sample lesson,  CLICK HERE. 

To learn more about the curriculum, CLICK HERE. 

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