3 Homeschool High School Activities That Can Build Character

For teens, participating in a variety of homeschool high school activities will develop so much more than the particular activity’s focus. Character is often forged in community and each one of the following activities includes working with and alongside others.


3 Homeschool High School Activities That Can Build Character

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Does simply participating in any activity automatically mean that your teen’s character will grow? Of course not. 

We need to be intentional about helping our teens decide what they should join, and what will be less than beneficial for them. For example, involvement in sports can be an incredible opportunity to cultivate character, but it’s important to know who is leading the team! Which brings us to our first activity.

Homeschool High School Activity That Can Build Character #1: Sports

While not all states allow students to participate in public school sports, many communities offer other opportunities for homeschool teens. 

When looking for a team for your teens to join, you’ll want to find one that you believe will have a positive impact on your student. Coaches can be very influential in athletes’ lives. Ask: Does the coach have high expectations, yet remembers it’s only a game? Does he encourage and teach, or demean players? 

The coach and the players don’t have to be perfect, but if you want your teens to build character, it’s important to note who will be influencing them. 

Homeschool Activity #2: Clubs, Youth Programs, & Groups

There are so many different types of clubs for teens to get involved in! 

4-H. Homeschoolers in an area often form their own 4-H clubs. Through 4-H teens can participate in a variety of groups and competitions—it’s definitely not just for those raising animals anymore. They can even earn scholarship money. Whether they are interested in drama, musical performance, robotics…there’s really something for everyone.

Scouting or Trail Life. The quality of the group in your area makes a big difference with any program. But through them, students can learn about leadership, as well as a variety of practical skills. These types of programs give students a goal to work towards, opportunities for adventures, and help them to serve the community. 

Homeschool groups. Often other homeschoolers in your area will offer a class or club of some kind to fill a need for their own children. If there isn’t something available in your area, don’t hesitate to start your own!

Ideas for Homeschool Groups/Clubs:

  • Book clubs. Discuss a variety of types of books including different genres and time periods.
  • Creative writing. Students can share their writings with one another, do peer reviews, and encourage one another.
  • Community outreach. Teens impact their communities when they serve together at local homeless shelters, participate as reading mentors in schools, or help clean up their city. 
  • Career exploration. Students can visit a variety of businesses together, interview workers, and learn about the different opportunities that might fit with their unique personalities.
  • Leadership academy. Have local leaders come to your group to share what it means to be a leader, how they’ve served their communities, and more. 

Homeschool Activity to Build Character #3: Co-op Classes

When high school students take co-op classes or dual-enrollment courses at a local college, they have the opportunity to hear from other authority figures besides you while learning to function in a classroom of other students that may be very different from them.

You have to know your kids and whether they are ready to take on that type of responsibility, but for mature teens it can be a great chance to transition into college courses and learn to deal with those who have different worldviews than they do. 

Character Traits Cultivated in High School Activities

These characteristics aren’t a given simply because your teens participate in an activity. Intentionality in developing these skills is important.

  • Perseverance. Whether it’s learning a new skill or completing a difficult assignment, our teens have to develop “stick-to-it-ness”.
  • Being a “team” player. Obviously sports provide our kids the chance to be on a team, but that’s not the only thing. 4-H competitions, such as robotics or one act plays, are often done with a team. So is working together to serve the community through a project. 
  • Leadership. How do kids learn to lead if they don’t have to work with others at times? Leadership isn’t just about being in front or the person in charge. Our attitude and actions are influencing those around us.
  • Commitment. Even when something isn’t what our teens expect or like, staying committed to it for an agreed-upon time is important (unless they are being harmed in some way). Consider making a rule that your children have to at least finish the semester if they start something new. 
  • Ability to compromise and resolve conflicts. Anytime we work with others, we are faced with differences. Our teens need to be able 

Choosing the Right Homeschool High School Activities for Your Teens

Ask yourself (and your teens) some of the following questions as you try to decide what your teens will participate in:

  • How much time do we have to commit to outside of activities?
  • What are my teens most interested in?
  • What skills or natural talents do my teens have that need to be developed?
  • What’s offered in our community?
  • Am I willing to start something we don’t have available?
  • Will the other people who go to this activity help grow my teens or be a hindrance to them? 

As you evaluate, know that nothing is perfect. And being around imperfect people and having to deal with hard things is one of the ways character is formed in our teens. 

Whatever activities your teens are involved in can help them build character while learning with others. 

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