Printables And Activities For A Joyful Christmas

As busy moms, we know the Holidays can sneak up on us! We have so much planning, shopping, prepping, and the stress of household tasks. It can be hard to help our kids keep the right focus, remain engaged in good activities all while staying connected with them, and building family traditions. Today I want to offer you some printables and activities for a joyful Christmas with your family!


Printables And Activities For A Joyful Christmas

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5 Household Tasks You Must Accomplish Before The Holidays

The year is passing by in a blur, and before you know it the holidays will be here! Along with that comes a flurry of activity, along with the challenge to get everything done. To make things less stressful, there are 5 household tasks you must accomplish before the holidays.

25 Days Of Christmas Books For Children (With Printable Calendar)

It is so easy to get caught up in all the rush of the Christmas season, that we fail to spend time enjoying the season with our children and reminding them of what it is really about.

With these 25 days of Christmas books, you can spend time daily with your children AND remind them that it is all about the birth of Jesus.

Why not start a tradition of choosing 25 Christmas books in (or before) November, and wrapping them individually? Let your children take turns opening one each morning starting on December 1st, and ending on Christmas day with the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible.

More Free Christmas Printable Activities

How To Help Your Kids Keep the Right Focus at Christmas

Our goal when our kids were younger was to be sure they knew and remembered what the true meaning of Christmas was – the birth of Christ.

As parents, we also wanted to help them to focus on how they could show Christ’s love to others, rather than thinking of themselves. In our home, we do most of the normal things at Christmas. We have a tree and decorations around the house. We play Christmas music, and we give the kids and family presents.

That doesn’t mean that our kids don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas, or that all they thought about was what they wanted for Christmas.

This post gives 7 simple ideas to help keep the right focus at Christmas.

Advent Countdown With The Names of Jesus

Advent is more than just counting down. It is a celebration of the coming of our Savior.

What better way to celebrate than by focusing on who Jesus is, while reading Scripture and thinking about His names during Advent?!

The Names of Jesus Advent Countdown Printable Pack Includes:

  • Printable list with the name & Scripture reference
  • Copywork pages for the Scripture
  • Cards to put in an envelope and pull out daily.

Make this Christmas memorable as you focus on the names of Jesus!

The Best 16 Christmas Books For Your Baby, Toddler or Preschooler

Are you looking for the best Christmas books for your baby, toddler, or preschooler? From touch and feel to pop-up books and lift a flap to sound books, we have the best 16 Christmas books we could find to share!

These books will make excellent gifts for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. Take a look to pick out a few that will provide excellent gifts and hours of fun and entertainment for your little one!

18 Of The Best Christmas Activity Books Your Kids Will Love

Do your kids tend to get bored while they impatiently wait for Christmas? 

Here is a list of 18 awesome activity books that will keep them busy being creative, and having fun during the Christmas season.

Why not choose several and wrap them up for the kids. Maybe let them each open one once or twice a week each month in December? They would love the excitement of opening them and seeing what activities await them!

These fun activity books include a nice variety of activities to cover the different ages. There are wipe-clean books,  re-usable sticker books, painting books, coloring projects, doodles, and even a puzzle pad!

5 Winter & Christmas Crafts To Do With Your Children

If you are looking for a great way to keep the kids entertained this winter, how about helping them with some fun crafts? Crafting is a great way to bond with your child, and it is a great way for them to express their creative side.

Here are some fun winter & Christmas crafts to do with your children,  that will look great when displayed around the Christmas holiday and all through winter.

7 Tips To A Stress-Free Christmas Season

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, things can get really busy. In the past, I have failed to plan well, and as a result, I was stressed through much of the holiday season. By the time Christmas got here, I had to admit that it was not a stress-free Christmas season!

I realized that trying to do too much takes a lot of the joy out of what is supposed to be a joyful season. It can also take some of the joy out of it for your family if you aren’t careful. 

I’m sure most of you are aware of this and have struggled with balancing things during this busy time. These tips will help take the stress out of your Christmas season!

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Free Printables and Activities for a Joyful Christmas on The Character Corner!


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