Characteristics of Highly Successful Homeschool Moms

All of us begin homeschooling with the desire to be successful homeschool moms.  We want to do well in our endeavors to teach our kids and prepare them for life. It can be a  daunting task, and is a huge responsibility!


Often times we can get caught up in the comparison game when we look at how we homeschool based on the other Moms we see around is. So you might ask, how can I be the best homeschool mom? The key is making small, intentional decisions to guide your mindset as you begin each new homeschool day. A lot of what makes your homeschool successful comes down to your mindset as the homeschool Mom. 

7 Characteristics Of Successful Homeschool Moms

7 characteristics of highly successful homeschool moms


1. A commitment to walk with God daily

Our daily strength as homeschooling moms comes from our relationship with the Lord. It is in that relationship that we gain His strength and wisdom to guide those little lives that have been entrusted to our care.

No matter how busy you are, you need to make sure you find and make time to walk with God, and be in His Word.

This is what lays the foundation for our busy lives as homeschool mothers.

Seeking Him - Moms in the Word

2. A teachable spirit

Being teachable will help us to grow and become more effective in our homeschooling. When we become unteachable, we stop growing! Don’t be afraid to ask others for ideas or help, and ALWAYS ask yourself what you can learn from others. 

3. An enjoyment of being with your children

Homeschooling is a lifestyle, and we are with our kids pretty much all the time.  It’s vital that we enjoy our kids, and enjoy spending time with them. We need a love that is deep and willing to give for them. You should laugh together, talk to them, be interested in their interests, and listen with your heart.

This is the best part of homeschooling. It gives us the time we need to develop a relationship with our children, and win their hearts.

4. Self-confidence

You have to believe that with God’s help not only can you teach your kids, but you are also the BEST teacher for them. 

  • You  know them best
  • You love them more than any teacher would.
  • You can evaluate their work based on their abilities, and assess it based on their effort, not their intelligence.
  • You know them well enough to know if they’re really trying.
  • You can challenge them at their level but without unnecessary frustration.

If God has called you to the task, He WILL enable you. We get our confidence from knowing that we don’t have to try to do it on our own! Don’t feel you have to wait till you’re all prepared and feel qualified. Preparation is really a spiritual matter.

You are prepared enough if you can answer yes to these questions:

  • Do I want to do the will of God in educating my children, whatever it may be?
  • Do I have my child’s best interest at heart?
  • Am I teachable and willing to let the Lord lead me, and to abandon my own well-laid plans if necessary?
  • Am I dedicated?

5. Self-discipline

Moms, your homeschool will only be as successful as your ability to discipline yourself! We only have 18 years to prepare our children for life, and it is a big responsibility.

We must be willing to discipline ourselves to put the time and effort into planning, and following through. This means we have to push distractions away and focus on our priorities daily.

6. Organization

The frustration caused by disorganization is a major stumbling block for many homeschoolers. Spending time organizing your time and your home, may mean the difference between your survival as a homeschooler and giving up. An organized home and life make goals easier to attain. One of the biggest things that help keep your days organized, is having a routine or flow to your days. Your kids should know what to expect daily, and have a “rut to run in..”

Having a routine brings order to your day, while also training your kids in character.

7. Purpose

You need to have a purpose and goals for your homeschool. When you have a purpose, you are able to establish your priorities each day to make sure you are heading toward those goals. Without purpose or goals, you end up discouraged and off-track.

You must have purpose and vision to be successful in your homeschooling.

God has entrusted HIS children to us alone as His caretaker for a few years. We are under divine obligation to train our children up in the way they should go. It is our job and responsibility to be sure they grow up to love the Lord and have Godly character.

Ask God to help you to develop these characteristics of highly successful homeschool moms! 

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  1. Visiting from the Wise Woman Linkup! Many mothers I talk to feel they wouldn’t be able to handle being around their kids all day long every day. I thought the same thing when I pulled them out of school, but what I’ve discovered in the past seven years of homeschooling is that the more I’m with my children, the more I enjoy them. It may seem ironic to some, but it’s the truth!

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