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Are You Looking For A Simple Way To Get God's Word In Your Child's Heart?

Let Us Show You How!

It's Possible With Copywork!


Wait! I thought copywork was just for handwriting practice?

It's true Copywork is a simple and effective technique to teach children the skills of writing,
but the benefits don't end there!

These Character Copywork Books Will Help:


Character Traits COPYWORK Vol 1

Make the most of penmanship practice for your kids!  While doing  Character Traits Copywork your kids will learn and write the meaning of 24 character traits.  

Make Lasting Change in character training

When you include this Character Traits copywork book in your homeschool curriculum, you are introducing important Character Building ideas to your child while they practice their handwriting.

Available in both Cursive or print forms, your child can work at the level they are currently in.

Character Traits Copywork is your child’s opportunity to explore and drill basic handwriting skills while they explore Character Traits. These traits are those that we all should be striving to develop and practice more than others. They include qualities such as patience, kindness, honesty, generosity, and many more.

Homeschool Handwriting Practice with Character Traits

A Bible verse that relates to the character quality is also included in each lesson. This ebook provides a simple and quick way to add a little Scripture and character training to your school day.

Available in manuscript print, or cursive.

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Character Traits COPYWORK Vol 2

The Character Traits Copywork volume 2 is a chapter-based handwriting practice for homeschool that helps kids learn the positive traits of a godly person.

Do you need a handwriting curriculum?

You can practice handwriting across all subjects, which is why we love incorporating Character training with penmanship! While your child writes, they learn valuable traits of Godly character as they write the definitions in this copywork book. 

How do you teach homeschool handwriting?

The best way to teach handwriting is to make it fun and engaging. Encourage your kids to be creative with their letters and words, and focus on the connections made when you write. This will help them remember the fundamentals of their letters and words when they need them in the future.

Handwriting Practice for Homeschool

Available in manuscript print, or cursive.

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Writing the traits gives them handwriting practice while imprinting Godly Character Traits into their young minds

Volume 1

text on image reads Table of Contents Character Copywork Volume 1

Volume 2

text on image reads Table of Contents Character Copywork Volume 2
" 24 different Godly virtues that you want to instill in your child. Things like forgiveness, kindness, love, and gratitude are just a few.  Such an awesome addition to our Homeschooling days."
Image shows a spiral bound book called Character traits copywork volume 2 by Kathie Morrisey
Homeschool Mama
"I was surprised yet thrilled to find out this did indeed inspire her to remember what she was learning and hide God’s Word in her heart."
Image shows a spiral bound book called "character traits copywork volume 1"
Homeschool Mama

Don't miss out on this low price!

The perfect addition to any homeschool curriculum, available in both print or cursive

Your kids will learn and write the meaning of 24 character traits!

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