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As a mom, you love your kids and want to be the very best mom you can be. But you struggle with anger.  The demands of motherhood weigh you down, and you find yourself yelling at your kids, and realize you have turned into an angry mom.

It’s not who you want to be.  You feel guilty but don’t know how to break the habits.

Overcoming Anger God’s Way gives you Biblical help for your anger. You CAN have a peaceful home and be a calm mom!

Overcoming Anger God's Way
This 7 week course Contains:

With this  course you’ll be able to:

Overcoming anger
The Coursework:

Week 1 Anger –  A Normal Emotion That We ALL Struggle With

In this unit we will look at the fact that anger is a normal emotion for everyone, and that anger itself isn’t the problem. It’s what we DO with that anger. We will look at what the Bible says about the right and wrong way to handle those feelings of anger.

Week 2 – The Why of Anger and the Triggers

This week you’ll discover why you have anger explosions, and look at the specific circumstances that trigger your anger. By recognizing your triggers, you are taking the first step to controlling those angry outbursts.

Week 3 – Negative Thoughts And Lies About Anger

Negative thoughts add to your anger, and often lead you to start believing lies about anger, causing you to think you can’t be helped. You will learn to replace those lies and negative thoughts with TRUTHS from God’s word. The truths will bring encouragement and hope, as well as strength to control your anger.

overcoming anger

Week 4 –  Response to Triggers

Learn how to stay calm and respond to those triggers in a planned way, rather than reacting in the heat of the moment. You will be able to choose which ways work best to cool you down, and how to pause between the trigger and your response.

Week 5 – Biblical Ways To Manage Your Anger

Wouldn’t you love to know how to handle your anger in the heat of the moment? These six ideas will help you to control yourself and your reactions when you recognize the signs that you are “heating up.” Learning to envision your ideal reaction to anger will help you to stay  calmer when you feel yourself starting to lose control.

Week 6 – Preventative Steps To Overcoming Anger

While it is important to know how to control your anger in the heat of the moment, it’s just as important to immediately start taking action steps to prevent your anger from occurring so often. These ten practical steps will prove invaluable to you as you seek God’s help in overcoming your anger.

Week 7 – Restoring Relationships Damaged By Anger

The course will end with learning how to repair the relationships which we may have damaged with our anger. You will learn the importance of giving a true apology, and how to truly restore the relationship so you can win their hearts.

Wouldn’t you love to have a peaceful and happier home? With this course you will find yourself becoming the calmer,  more joyful mom that you desire to be, and that your kids deserve!

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Overcome your anger once and for all, as you learn to stop it in its tracks!