The Importance Of Reading God’s Word For Spiritual Health

As I closed my Bible one morning, I realized the importance of reading God’s Word for spiritual health in a fun new way. There is a simple comparison of Spiritual food and physical food really had me thinking and I’m excited to share it with you today!


I had recently been reading some books about eating right. Books on what kinds of food to eat, what to avoid, the best way to prepare foods, nutritional value, etc. I love to read, and I often find myself trying to get through three or four books at a time.

One night after a trip to the bookstore, I sat down anxious to get into my new book. It was then that God pressed on my heart. I remembered that I hadn’t been able to have my quiet time in God’s Word earlier that day. And I STILL hadn’t taken the time for it by that point.

I knew I should get out my Bible and read it instead, but at the same time, I was longing to dig into my new book! Reading the Bible to develop good Spiritual health is essential, but that new book was calling my name.

Image reads: The Importance of Reading God's Word for Spiritual HealthWhat is the Importance of Reading God’s Word for Spiritual Health?

As I reached for the new book, the thought hit me. I was being a junk food reader! Instead of reading my Bible, the BEST possible thing for my spiritual health, I was choosing something that wasn’t nearly as nutritious. It was like choosing a candy bar or cracker, instead of a piece of fruit.

How often I read all kinds of good, helpful, “spiritual” books, instead of spending time in the Bible, the most important book of all! As I thought about it, I realized that just as my physical health is determined largely by the food I eat, my spiritual health is affected by the books I read. 

What are the benefits of reading God’s Word?

Here are some comparisons I found:

1. What I eat will have a large influence on my energy supply (or lack of it).

If I am eating a lot of things that are bad for me, and NOT eating the things I need, I will get run down and fatigued. Likewise, if I’m not reading the Word of God, even though I may be reading other good helpful books, I’m going to get run down spiritually, because I am neglecting a vital need in my spiritual life. I will get tired of doing what God has called me to do, and won’t have the energy and excitement I need to keep on.

How do you grow spiritually in the Word of God?

2. Some foods are much better for me and will meet many of my nutritional needs, while others don’t do much more than fill my stomach.

The Bible is the book that meets ALL my spiritual “nutritional” needs. All the vitamins and minerals I need for optimal spiritual health are found in that one source. Other books may fill me with knowledge or encourage me, but they can’t possibly do for me what the Bible will.

3. It’s important to take vitamins in addition to eating the right foods,  but I can’t quit eating and replace food with vitamins.

What are the ways to grow spiritually? To do so would quickly lead to health problems! Often I want to skip the food or meat of the Word and get my needs met from devotional books or other good books. These other books are good and maybe helpful, but they cannot replace the Word. Reading supplements without the Word of God will result in serious health problems spiritually, and eventually, spiritual malnutrition will result.

Why is health important to God?

4. My disposition can be affected by my diet. 

Poor nutrition and lack of certain nutrients can result in nervousness, irritability, or depression. If I find myself depressed or irritable and snappy, need to go to the Book that gives peace and joy. Other books can’t fulfill that need as the Bible does.

In summary, what I eat and how I eat will eventually affect my health for the good or bad. Usually, it’s not an immediate thing. If I eat wrong for years and ignore all rules of nutrition, I will someday pay for it with bad health. On the other hand, if I eat proper nutritious food, I will be rewarded with good health and longer life. You are what you eat.

While I sat down my new book to pull out my Bible, I asked myself “Why is it important to read the word of God?” It’s important because my spiritual health will also eventually show what I’ve been “eating”. If I dine daily on the Word of God, I will have a long, healthy spiritual life. But if I neglect the Bible and choose other replacements, eventually it will affect my spiritual health. I may be fine for a while with absolutely no symptoms. Then one day I will realize that I have a bad attitude about things, or I don’t really want to go to church, or I’ve lost my joy. Before I know it, I will be dead spiritually. You are what you read.

Reading God’s Word for Spiritual Health

How is your spiritual health? Are you a junk food reader?!

 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Share in the comments, let’s talk about it!

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  1. Michelle, I agree! Once the habit is broken, it has to be re-established. And yes, what we eat definitely does make a difference in how we feel.

  2. I have been a junk food reader lately but have been trying to get back in my routine of reading God’s word. Once out of the habit it is important to pull yourself back. I do notice a change in my attitude and other areas when I don’t spend daily time in his word. God also graciously provided foods that are good for our body, and I notice when I do not eat well I don’t feel well.

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