Teaching Your Kids The True Meaning Of Christmas

Our goal when our kids were younger was to be sure they knew and remembered what the true meaning of Christmas was – the birth of Christ. Are you actively and intentionally teaching your kids the true meaning of Christmas? 

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We are very traditional in our family…the tree, the decorations, the Christmas music. We even enjoy all of the gift-giving both within our family and with our friends! But even in all of this, we wanted to be intentional about sharing with our kids what the true meaning of Christmas is really all about.  We wanted to help them to focus on how they could show Christ’s love to others, rather than thinking of themselves.

If we aren’t careful, Christmas magic and the joy of receiving gifts can overshadow the true story of Christmas and why we celebrate it. The key is to not panic, and have a plan to intentionally share the story of Christ’s birth throughout the festivities. And here are my 7 favorite tips to help you do just that!

Teaching your kids the true Meaning Of Christmas

Teaching Your Kids The True Meaning Of Christmas

How do you help your kids keep the right focus at Christmas?

Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas is something that we need to be intentional about, so our kids don’t focus solely on gifts and treats. 

1. Begin sharing why Christmas is so meaningful as early as Thanksgiving

It’s never too early to start talking about why you celebrate Christmas and how Christ’s birth has influenced you in your life. Create a whole season around the true meaning of Christmas for your kids. Actively living out how Christmas is celebrated is a simple way you are teaching your kids the true meaning of Christmas. 

How do you explain the true meaning of Christmas to a child?

2. Ask your kids questions about Christmas to get them thinking about the true meaning of the holiday.

When the kids were little, we would ask them “Whose birthday is it on Christmas?” or “What happened on Christmas day to make it so special?”  On Christmas morning we sang happy birthday to Jesus, and read the story of His birth from the Bible before we opened our presents.

3. Sing Christmas carols and read about His birth. 

We listen to the fun songs, but also make sure that we listen to and sing the songs that remind us of what Christmas is all about. Teach them songs like Away in Manger, Joy to the World, and Silent Night.

How Do You Keep The True Meaning Of Christmas?

4. Have holiday decorations in your home that remind them of the purpose/meaning of the season. 

One great example of this is having a nativity scene that the kids can set up, and even play with. We also have window stickers that say “Joy to the World, the Lord is Come,” and a little nativity night light.

nativity night light


A star on the top of the tree is a good way to talk about the star that led the wise men to Jesus, and once again bring their focus to His birth.

Getting Back To The Meaning Of Christmas

5. Plan ways for your kids to show God’s love to others during the Christmas season 

Talk about who you want to show love to, and make plans of how to do it. Maybe you know a family who is struggling financially, and everyone chips in with a little money for them, or a food basket?

Another idea is saving throughout the year to send money to a missionary family at Christmas. There are so many ways to be kind and generous with your gifts and your blessings in the holiday season. 

6. Encourage kids to show love by giving Christmas gifts to each other.

My kids used to get SO excited about buying little gifts for their siblings. Often they didn’t have much money, so their gift might be as simple as a candy bar, or something from the Dollar Store. However, they loved finding something special to give and were more excited about giving their gifts on Christmas, than opening their own.

7. Visit widows and shut-ins and sing Christmas carols for them. 

We often did that with the kids, and we brought them a plate of goodies, then visited with them for a few minutes before going on to our next stop. Their response to our visit was always an encouragement to all of us. We would go home and talk about how fun it was to surprise them or to visit them and give them some company.

Bringing joy to others at Christmas was something that also brought joy to us.

What are some ways you help your family keep the right focus during the Christmas season?

I encourage you to make traditions that your kids will remember, while also keeping their focus on the true reason for the season!

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Focus on Christ During Advent

How to help your kids keep the right focus at Christmas. Image shows a child opening a gift


How to teach kids the true meaning of Christmas

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  3. What wonderful suggestions! We have to be purposeful about these things, don’t we, in this highly commercialized and secular world in which we live. Thanks for sharing.

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