5 Tips For Surviving and Enjoying Life With Little Ones

Life with kids is busy, especially when you have little ones! My youngest is now 23, but I still remember the days when I had several young kids, including preschoolers. During those stages, enjoying life with little ones sometimes seems more like survival than enjoyment!


Here are 5 Tips For Surviving and Enjoying Life With Little Ones

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Recently, I have been reminded of just how crazy things can get for a mom in this season of life.

My son and his wife, and their three little ones, two-month-old AJ,  four-year-old Michael, and six-year-old Beth, are home from the mission field to raise more support. For the next year, they will be traveling to different churches and presenting their ministry in the Philippines, seeking to raise enough support to go back and start a church.

In the meantime, when they don’t have meetings, they live with us.


What a reminder this has been to me of the daily busyness that comes with having little ones. A reminder of what it looks like to both survive and thrive in this season.

I find myself chuckling at times, as I watch my daughter-in-law dealing with the kids while trying to do laundry, or fix their breakfast, etc.

I see her and my son stop what they are doing to discipline, correct, and train the kids all through the day. And I say to myself “How did I do it?!” and “How did I survive life with little ones?!”

I was just talking to another mom about it recently. We discussed how when you are at this season in your life you just do what you need to do. You don’t even think about it!

However, it isn’t easy. You love your kids and are thankful for them, but you are also tired often and can get tired of parenting. Little ones take a lot of time, work, and energy.

Here’s what you can expect with life with kids:

  • Toys all over the house
  • Crumbs and bits of food all over the floor and chair after meals/snacks
  • Frequent spills of water or drinks
  • To spend lots of  time playing with little ones
  • Reading lots of books out loud daily
  • Staying so busy with kids that you don’t get much else done on many days
  • To spend lots of time teaching, training, and correcting.

If you’re not careful, you can let those things discourage you!

Tips to help you get through the busy season and enjoy life with little ones:

1. Remember that teaching & training them is your main job.

It’s easy to look at all the cleaning or laundry that didn’t get done, rather than focus on the training that did take place. Spending time reading Bible stories to your kids, teaching them character, and correcting them with Scripture are the things that matter!

2. Recognize that this time with little ones is a season.

It’s not forever. It will get better and easier. (especially if you work hard NOW to teach and train!) Each season has its own challenges, but when you start early with training and character building, the other seasons will be easier.

3. Realize that you’re not the only mom who feels like her house will never be clean again, and the laundry will never be caught up!

Don’t get fooled by all the things you see on Pinterest, and think that everyone has a picture-perfect house. If you have little ones at home, your house is going to look different than someone whose kids are older or grown-up.

4. Remind yourself that everything you do for your family is an investment in eternity. 

You are training little soldiers for the Lord’s work! Any time and effort put into cleaning, cooking, and teaching your kids is of eternal value. Do it as unto the Lord.

5. Remember to take care of yourself.

Make sure you are getting the rest you need, as well as some time for self-renewal. This will make you a better mom. It’s hard enough to keep up on things when you have little ones and are well-rested. Lack of sleep makes everything more overwhelming.

Adequate rest and self-renewal are essential for your well being and will enable you to better do the task God has given you. You will also move from simply surviving as a mom, to enjoying life with your little ones.

 What has helped you get through the busy days with little ones? [magicactionbox]enjoying life with little ones


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  1. Hi Solene! Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I’m so glad you enjoyed my workshops over the years. And I love the extra suggestions which you added. Definitely agree!

  2. Love the post!
    I have so enjoyed attending your workshops at homeschool conventions in the past and now get similar encouragement online through the blog.
    I would add that part if the self-renewal necessary to face the demands of life with young children is to make that time with the Lord, daily. Even if short, find that time. It will make all the difference….and find another mom who’s ahead of you in the journey who can pray for you and share the wisdom she’s learned. We need each other.

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