5 Things That Characterize a Good Homemaker

The things that characterize a good homemaker are easy to recognize when you see someone do it well. We as Moms and women play an important role in the success, organization, and spirit of our homes.

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This is a sacred trust that we should take seriously. I have observed many Godly ladies over the years, who were excellent homemakers. While watching them I gleaned from their wisdom and noticed 5 things that characterize a good homemaker and I want to share them with you here!

5 things that characterize a good homemaker

5 Things That Characterize a Good Homemaker

While I was in the trenches raising my 8 kids and homeschooling, there were days where I felt like I couldn’t keep up. Life is demanding when your job is running your home and everything that entails. There are no breaks, there is no end to your workday. They all just go one right into the next. 

Knowing this, what is the importance of homemaker? Being a full-time wife/mom/caretaker is a demanding and important job. I’d argue, one of the most important jobs on the planet!

As a homemaker you have to be intentional about the little things.

Because all of the little things being in order make the big things so much easier to manage.

Here are a few observations I made of the Moms that I admired who seemed to do this all so well.

1. Being joyful is evident in a good homemaker.


I can’t say that I’ve always been a joyful mom or wife, but it’s something that I strive for. It is very important for our husbands and kids to see us joyfully tending to our responsibilities.

Our joy sets the right spirit for the home.

Do you sing and smile throughout the day, or do your kids hear you grumbling often? 

Make it a point to not let frustration, anger, and resentment creep into your responsibilities. Know that you have control of how you react when things don’t go as planned, so don’t let the little things steal your joy. 

Furthermore, let your joy be evident in all that you do in your home, honoring God in all that you do. 

2. Be organized in your housekeeping.

Those who are good housekeepers have learned the importance of being organized. It’s important to have a place where things belong and to keep things picked up and in their place.

A lack of clutter makes for a more peaceful home. (Need some help with the clutter? Join me for a 30 day Declutter Challenge – only 15 minutes a day!)

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3. A schedule is vital to managing a thriving household.

Disciplining ourselves to schedule our time, and stick to that schedule will help us accomplish our priorities daily.

Teach your kids to live by a scheduled routine also, and much stress will be avoided.

4. The homemakers I admire are flexible.

Even though it’s important to schedule our time, life happens. Kids get sick, cars break down, etc.

We can let the unexpected throw us all off, and get us upset, or we can roll with it.

The beauty of being self-disciplined and scheduling our time is that it is much easier to be flexible when needed, because we’ve kept up on the important things, and it’s not going to throw us for a loop.

We will be able to easily just get right back on track.

5. Nurture yourself spiritually when managing your household.

Some of the ladies that I admire and really look up to taught me the importance of keeping my relationship with the Lord a top priority.

When we keep that relationship strong and right, He speaks to us and tells us what is important. This helps us to schedule our days according to His priorities.

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Also, when we nurture ourselves spiritually by regularly spending time in God’s Word and in prayer, the natural result will be that joyful heart we want to have.

Spending time with Him will renew our spirit, and enable us to fulfill His plans for us daily.

Never forget how important your job is! Ask God to help you to be your BEST as a homemaker.

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5 things that characterize a good homeamker

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7 Responses

  1. I’m going to send you an email Selina!

  2. Hi Kerri! You are at a very busy season, so it will be a challenge to stay ahead on things. I suggest focusing only on the priorities, and simplifying in any way you can. For your 5 year old, you don’t have to do a lot of sit down, formal teaching. Do lots of reading aloud to both boys, and work on their character. Do counting while setting the table or jumping up the stairs; work on colors when eating Fruit Loops, point out letters on books, etc. List your priorities/goals, and then put those first in your daily schedule to make sure you get them done everyday. Get your boys helping around the home too. They are old enough to do chores, and learn to be responsible.

  3. I love reading your blog. I’ve felt this calling for three years now. Yet, I’m still struggling. I feel so disorganized and cluttered and just surviving. I have two boys, 3 1/2 and five. I’m also trying to homeschool. How do you set up a daily schedule so that you can actually get more things done and not just the essentials like cooking and some cleaning… any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. 🙁

  4. How do I even find joy if my marriage is almost dead? I’m homeschooling my 4 year old son, I’m a stay at home mom and I’m often stressed out/burnt out that almost everything has fallen onto me. Even much of the discipline that my son receives comes from me. Both my husband and myself know Jesus as our Savior, but we have different doctrinal views. He’s a Calvanist and I’m not. I’m somewhere in the middle (I don’t believe all the points of “tulip.”) We can’t connect spiritually because he’s made it his aim to “convert” me over which has consequently pushed me away from wanting to get closer to God too. I don’t have joy when I read God’s word but rather bitterness. There’s been abuse in this area…many tears for many years. How am I to find joy when I’m so discouraged? I’ve prayed for many things in this marriage, I don’t know what’s left. I grudgingly do laundry, dishes, cook, clean and whatever else to exhaustion. Is this who I’m supposed to be?

  5. God made me to understand that to be a homemaker is a calling, and as such if one is called, u need Joy as it is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, It comes from within, and as a homemaker it is a vital tool to live with always…Thanks ma for your site!!it really got me

  6. Thanks Tiffany! You are right — joy makes a difference in so many ways and so many areas, yet it is so easy to gradually lose that joy if we aren’t careful.

  7. I love that your top homemaker skill is being joyful! Finding joy and expressing it really makes all the difference in this life!

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