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Join us at The Character Corner, and get 1 week of FREE character lessons from our popular character curriculum! The lessons require minimum preparation and only take 10-15 minutes a day. Best of all, they are fun and your kids will love them!

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Ready to lay the foundation of Godly character in your kids instead of just a start? It’s never too early (or late) to start! Don’t wait, start now!

Download 24 Weeks of Character Lessons to be completed in Just 10 Minutes a day!

Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue and Little Lads and Ladies of Wisdom character curriculum provides you with 6 months of character lessons, that require very minimal preparation. Teach them 24 character qualities with a week of lessons for each of the traits. Provided in the lessons are the following:

  • A definition for the character trait
    A memory verse
  • 3 “I WILL” statements that relate to applying the character quality in their daily life
  • Games, object lessons, or role play
  • A prayer for the child to pray about applying what they have learned.
  • A coloring page for each lesson.

There is also a reward chart with a picture for them to color, and space to display the character badges that they earn each week!

Get all of the details now and start building a foundation of Godly character that lasts a lifetime!

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